Many new medications and treatments have emerged this year for improving the management and prognoses of patients suffering from serious diseases. Driven growing therapy areas such as oncology, anti-rheumatics, and anti-virals, the prescription drug sales are increasing significantly. Let’s take a quick look at the top pharmaceutical therapy areas in 2017:

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Therapy Areas in 2017

  1. Oncology

Oncology is maintaining its top position as a therapy area as new and effective oral treatments emerge. Focus is given to the aging population who are most likely to be affected by this deadly disease. Advances in treatment, including radiation, surgery, and medication therapies have helped patients to live longer. In 2016, the oncology prescription drugs and OTC sales reached $93.7bn, with the worldwide market share of 11.7%.

  1. Anti-Rheumatics

Abbvie, a global pharmaceutical company, still dominates the anti-rheumatic market, with its best-selling anti-rheumatic product, Humira. Celgene is also maintaining its leading position due to the immense popularity of Otezla. In 2016, global ant-rheumatic drugs sale reached $53.3 billion.

  1. Anti-virals

Gilead is continuing to dominate the anti-virals market in 2017, with the leading market share of Harvoni and Sovaldi, two popular prescription drugs for the treatment of Hepatitis C. In 2016, the anti-virals prescription drugs and OTC sales reached $48.5bn, with the worldwide market share of 6.0%.

  1. Anti-diabetics

In 2016, pharmaceutical companies earned $43.6bn through selling anti-diabetics prescription drugs and OTC. New and innovative drugs have entered this market. Inflation is another reason for this high sales amount. Novo Nordisk is the major player in this industry, which earned $12.9bn in 2016 by selling anti-diabetic drugs.

  1. Bronchodilators

These categories of drugs are used to relax the bronchial smooth muscle in order to open up the breathing passage. These include long- and short-acting beta2-agonists and theophylline. In 2016, pharmaceutical companies earned $28.3bn through selling these drugs.

  1. Vaccines

Companies commanding the vaccines market include GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, and Sanofi. They share approximately 20% of the worldwide vaccine market. Global vaccines sale reached $27.5bn in 2016.

  1. Anti-hypertensives

Nearly 75M Americans suffer from hypertension, or persistent elevation of blood pressure. Diuretics is the first line of treatment for hypertension recommended by most of the physicians, and holds the largest market share for antihypertensives. In 2016, antihypertensive prescription drugs and OTC sales reached $24.8bn, with the worldwide market share of 3.1%.

  1. Sensory Organs

Pharmaceutical companies earned $20.2bn in 2016 by selling drugs acting on the sensory organs, with the global market share of 2.5%. These organs are used to touch, smell, sound, sight, or taste.

  1. Anti-coagulants

Worldwide anti-coagulants sale reached $14.1bn in 2016, with 1.8% of market share. Anti-coagulants are used for preventing blood clots. Warfarin is the most commonly prescribed anti-coagulant.

  1. Immunosuppressants

These Immunosuppressant drugs are often used for treating autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and lupus. More than 23.5M Americans are affected by an autoimmune disease. Worldwide sale of immunosuppressant drugs reached $11.6bn in 2016.



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