The market for oncology medication is booming, aiding the overall pharmaceutical industry growth. The oncology drug market is estimated to be almost USD 94 billion. Most of the top pharmaceutical players are either currently manufacturing oncology drugs or have oncology medications in their R&D pipelines.

An analysis of the top pharmaceutical companies was conducted to rank them through a multivariate scoring system. The ranking model incorporated criteria such as oncology segment revenues, growth and number of marketed oncological products. A score statistic was developed based on these criteria. Each organization was assigned a score and a weighted sum of criteria was used to arrive at the final score statistic. It reveals that Roche tops the list with its widespread presence in the oncology market.

Top 10 Oncology Pharmaceutical Companies 2017


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  1. Hi, Could you clarify the figures you mention in your article – you note that the market is worth around $9.4Bn, and yet Roche alone has oncology segment revenue of $25.9Bn?

    Your response soonest would be most enlightening.

    Kind regards

    Dr Neil Ravenhill

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