Also this year Bloomberg published the ranking of the 50 healthiest countries in the world and results are quite surprising.

The Bloomberg Global Health Index is calculated taking into account variables such as life expectancy, causes of death, incidence of high blood pressure, high blood glucose, tobacco use, and physical inactivity. Other parameters taken into account are childhood malnutrition, mental health, vaccination coverage, greenhouse gas emissions.

More than 200 countries have been evaluated and 163 had enough data to be included in the final outcome.

Italy got the highest score and Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia complete the list of the top 5.

The U.S. placed 34th with a health index negatively impacted by the high prevalence of overweight people.

The World’s Healthiest Countries 2017


Source:  Bloomberg Global Health Index 2017

4 thoughts on “The World’s Healthiest Countries 2017

  1. Sweden is between Norway and Finland, with Finland on the right side neighbouring Russia. On the map you mark Finland as Sweden.

  2. Other countries are not featured not because of life avg is very low , but because of the abcense of statistics, as we may found aging people( above 100 y. Old) in the Caucasian region so often which can put these contries ahead of many industrials one who are racing for these index for some reasons…

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