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Feb 24, 2017

Celgene International Sàrl, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Celgene Corporation, has announced that the European Commission (EC) has approved REVLIMID® (lenalidomide) as monotherapy for the maintenance treatment of adult patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma who have undergone autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT). REVLIMID® is the first and only licensed maintenance treatment available to these patients.

Multiple myeloma is a life-threatening and incurable blood cancer that is characterised by tumour proliferation and suppression of the immune system. It is a rare but deadly disease, and approximately 39,000 people are diagnosed with multiple myeloma in Europe. Each year, around 24,000 people die from the disease. The median age at diagnosis in Europe is between 65 and 70 years.

Professor Michel Attal, Executive Director of the Institut Universitaire du Cancer Toulouse Oncopole and Institut Claudius Regaud, France, said: “After ASCT, most patients will still see their disease recur or progress. We now have an opportunity to enhance immune function and delay disease progression by controlling residual malignant cells and slowing tumour growth. REVLIMID® has been shown to increase progression-free survival after ASCT in clinical trials. Having a licensed therapy for use in this very important setting means we now have the opportunity to delay disease progression by sustaining the response.”


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