February 23, 2017

Incyte Corporation has signed off on a multi-year deal for collaborating with scientists at the University of Pennsylvania on its next-gen combos and cancer therapies.

The Abramson Cancer Center of the university will take a lead role in looking at patient selection and combination opportunities as Incyte advances its plans to develop new and more effective immunotherapies. They will also be collaborating on a bioinformatics program in clinical immunotherapy.

Reid Huber, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Incyte, said: “Incyte and Abramson are mutually committed to the advancement of science and improving the lives of patients with cancer. This alliance will allow us to mobilize two groups of leading scientists toward the collective goal of advancing the field of immunotherapy. We are excited for the opportunity to partner with the world-class researchers at Abramson and investigate new avenues for the treatment of patients with cancer.”


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