The International Federation of Health Plans, the leading global network of the health insurance industry, developed a report on the comparison of health care costs across different countries.

The 2015’s survey includes pricing for several specialty prescription drugs, common diagnostic evaluations, and a selection of typical medical procedures.

Cost of drugs is higher in the United States than is the rest of the world:

Comparative Health Care Costs Drugs

Here are the comparative costs of few medical diagnostic evaluations such as MRI, CT scan abdomen and Colonoscopy. The pricing of these medical tests is higher in US, UK and New Zealand.

Comparative Health Care Costs Medical Diagnostics

Hospital cost per day and average cost of common medical procedures such as appendectomy, normal delivery and bypass surgery. US and Switzerland are among the most expensive Countries.

Comparative Health Care Costs Medical Procedures


2015 Comparative Price Report – The International Federation of Health Plans


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