What is the fair salary for a Sales Rep in US? And for a Brand Manager in Europe? What about a CRA in India?

There are a wide range of jobs in the pharmaceuticals industry and their pay varies greatly. Many different factors have a significant impact on the compensation of pharmaceutical professionals including age, years of experience, and geography. Therefore it is often difficult for professionals to obtain precise information and reliable benchmark to refer to.

Here are the results of a Global survey conducted by Igeahub with the aim of creating a simple, robust, and reliable reference tool. Detailed analyses on the compensation for commercial and medical roles in USA, Europe and India are already available.  

This is a live survey that will run throughout 2017 in order to further improve the reliability and granularity of the information. New analyses will be added periodically to address your specific needs. You can comment the article including the pharmaceutical roles and the areas you would like to see in the upcoming releases.

You can access the survey here. The survey responses are anonymous and no personal details are required. After completing the survey you will have instant access to the updated partial results.

Share and like this article on social media to have more responses, more detailed results, and a even more robust tool.

Global USA Europe India


Chart_Q2_170117 (2).png

Chart_Q3_170118 (3).png

Chart_Q4_170117 (1).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (11).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (12).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (13).png


Chart_Q5_170117 (15).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (16).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (17).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (18).png

Chart_Q5_170117 (19).png

Global USA Europe India


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