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Top 10 Pharma Blog 2016 - - Luca Dezzani

Pharmaceutical industry is renowned for innovation. New drugs are continuously being discovered and marketed around the world. Furthermore, new mergers and acquisitions are happening in the pharmaceutical industry on a regular basis, and new studies are being conducted quite regularly by the pharma companies. Hence, if you want to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in this industry, then you need to follow a pharmaceutical blog which is informative and helpful. This article will shed some lights on the top 10 pharmaceutical blogs that are must read for every person who is interested in the pharma industry, particularly for every pharma professional. These blogs attract a lot of online traffic per month.

  1. Pharmalot

As one of the most popular pharma blogs, it emphasizes on the drug manufacturers and the new drugs that are continuously coming into the markets. In addition, this blog also covers the new regulations in this industry and also the factors related to the pricing of pharma goods. Ed Silverman, a renowned journalist who is reporting on pharma issues for more than two decades, is the editor of this blog. Ed previously worked in Wall Street Journal.

  1. In the Pipeline

In addition to focusing on the pharma industry in general, this blog primarily focuses on the discovery of new drugs. Well-known chemistry blogger and medicinal chemist Derek Lewe maintains this blog, who possesses rich experience in medicinal chemistry.

  1. Pharma Strategy Blog

This blog is created and maintained by Sally Church, Ph.D., who is an English biochemist with special interests on oncology, immunology, and hematology. This great pharma blog provides readers with insider knowledge about this industry.

  1. Pharma Marketing Blog

The editor and publisher of this blog is John Mack, who is an accomplished blogger and marketing pundit. He is also known to everyone as the ‘pharmaguy’, who started this blog in 2005. He has 26.6K followers in the Twitter. This blog focuses on the important marketing issues of the pharma industry, and has been highly appreciated by MedAdNews, Wall Street Journal, and different other reputable publications.

  1. Pharmagossip

As its name suggests, this blog deals with the gossips of all sorts regarding the pharmaceutical industry. These include which drugs are not being marketed properly, or opinions of experts on the issues related to this industry. Its popularity in Twitter is huge, with 17.7K followers.

  1. In Vivo

If you want the latest information on sales and marketing strategies, business development, policies, and research taking place in biopharmaceutical industry, then you will surely love this blog. This informative blog will keep you informed about what is happening in this industry.

  1. Drug Channels

The Drug Channels blog has been helping its readers have ideas about the drug distribution system and pharmaceutical economics since 2006. This blog covers the dynamic healthcare system by delivering timely analysis and widely regarded opinions, and also helps readers think critically about other viewpoints. This highly admired blog is created by Dr. Adam J. Fein, a renowned expert in pharmaceutical economics and drug delivery system.

  1. Drug Discovery Opinion

In 2008, this informative blog related to the pharmaceutical industry was created. It covers different methodological issues that have considerable implications in the discovery of new drugs, their efficacy, and also their marketing potentials.

  1. PharmExec

This blog is a helpful resource for those who are interested in the technological platforms and promotional techniques related to the pharma industry. It also helps the marketers stay up to date about the new happenings in this industry.

  1. FiercePharma

It covers issues like FDA decisions, big pharma, patents, generic drugs, pharmaceutical marketing, etc.


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