NICE Recommends Oral OTEZLA® (Apremilast) for Adults with Chronic Plaque Psoriasis


October 20, 2016

Celgene has announced that adult patients in England and Wales with chronic plaque psoriasis will now have access to oral OTEZLA ® (apremilast) after a positive final appraisal determination from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The decision is the conclusion of a NICE Rapid Review. It ensures patients in England and Wales will join those in Scotland, who have been benefiting from access to OTEZLA since Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) recommended it in June 2015. It has been estimated that Psoriasis has affected around 960,000 adults in the UK, seriously impacting their daily lives.

“NICE’s decision to recommend apremilast for the treatment of psoriasis is an important step forward in the management of a disease which for many patients can have a significant detrimental effect on their lives. Apremilast offers patients a much needed new oral treatment option that does not require routine laboratory monitoring. Clinical trials of apremilast demonstrated a reduction in severity of psoriasis and associated itching as well as improvement in hard to treat areas, such as the nails and scalp. The drug has the potential to fill an important gap in the psoriasis treatment pathway and its introduction is welcomed by patients and healthcare practitioners,” commented Professor Chris Griffiths, Professor of Dermatology, University of Manchester.


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