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Jun 10, 2016

Celgene Corporation and Acceleron Pharma Inc. has announced preliminary results from an ongoing long-term Phase 2 extension study with luspatercept in patients with lower risk myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). Results were declared at the 21st Congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Results of the study showed that 51% of patients with lower risk MDS treated with luspatercept (n=49) achieved increased hemoglobin levels and 35% of patients achieved transfusion independence in the 3-month base study. In the ongoing extension study, 81% (26/32) of patients had increased hemoglobin levels and of the patients eligible for transfusion independence (TI), 50% achieved TI with luspatercept treatment. This Luspatercept is being developed as part of the global collaboration between Celgene and Acceleron.

“The results for luspatercept in lower risk MDS patients are increasingly encouraging as we gain longer term safety and efficacy experience with this agent. There is a significant unmet need for new therapies that reduce the number of or eliminate the need for blood transfusions,” said Uwe Platzbecker, M.D., Professor of Hematology and Head of the MDS program at the University Hospital in Dresden, Germany.

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